Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Holy Innocents - December 29 2013

  • (No choir)
  • Organ: Prelude on ‘Puer nobis nascitur’ – Sean Michael Salamon (born 1992)
  • Opening Hymn: Winchester Old
When Christ was born in Bethlehem, Fair peace on earth to bring,
In lowly state of love He came To be the children’s King.

And round Him, then, a holy band Of children blest was born,
Fair guardians of His throne to stand Attendant night and morn.

And unto them this grace was giv’n A Saviour’s name to own,
And die for Him Who out of Heav’n Had found on earth a throne.

O blessèd babes of Bethlehem, Who died to save our King,
Ye share the martyrs’ diadem, And in their anthem sing!

Your lips, on earth that never spake, Now sound th’eternal word;
And in the courts of love ye make Your children’s voices heard.

Lord Jesus Christ, eternal Child, Make Thou our childhood Thine; That we with Thee the meek and mild May share the love divine.
  • Service Music: Holy Trinity Service – Christopher Tambling
  • Psalm 124 (said responsively)
  • Gradual Hymn: Puer nobis nascitur
Thee, Christ, we laud and magnify, The Father's Son omnipotent,
To Whom the blessed ones on high Raise endless praises jubilant.

Sweet infant bands Thy glories sing Within that City fair and bright, Slaughtered by Herod, impious King, In thought to do Thee foul despite.

For these their sufferings borne for Thee, In Heaven Thou now rewardest them, Crowns of celestial brilliancy Adorn the babes of Bethlehem.

Christ, by Thy Merits was us white, And grant that of Thy clemency We may with Thy redeemed unite In hymns of praise eternally.

They in Thy Light are glorified – O grant that we may conquer earth, And ever in Thy grace abide, Celestial longings breathing forth!

Join not to Herod's company Those who the martyred infants praise, But let us through Eternity With them upon Thy beauty gaze.
  • Offertory Hymn: Fulda
    1. A Hymn for Martyrs sweetly sing;
    For Innocents your praises bring;
    Of whom in tears was earth bereaved,
    Whom heaven with songs of joy received;
    2. Whose Angels see the Father's face
    World without end, and hymn His grace;
    And, while they praise their glorious King,
    A hymn for Martyrs sweetly sing.
    3. A voice from Ramah was there sent,
    A voice of weeping and lament,
    While Rachel mourned her children sore,
    Whom for the tyrant's sword she bore.
    4. After brief taste of earthly woe
    Eternal triumph now they know;
    For whom, by cruel torments rent,
    A voice from Ramah was there sent.
    5. And every tear is wiped away
    By your dear Father's hands for aye:
    Death hath no power to hurt you more;
    Your own is life's eternal shore.
    6. And all who, good seed bearing, weep,
    In everlasting joy shall reap,
    What time they shine in heavenly day,
    And every tear is wiped away
  • Concluding Hymn: Puer Nobis Nascitur
Unto us is born a son, King of choirs supernal: See on earth his life begun, Of lords the Lord eternal, Of lords the Lord eternal
Christ, from heav'n descending low, Comes on earth a stranger; Ox and ass their Owner know Now cradled in a manger. Now cradled in a manger.

This did Herod sore affray, And did him bewilder, So he gave the word to slay, And slew the little children. And slew the little children

 Of his love and mercy mild Hear the Christmas story: O that Mary's gentle Child Might lead us up to glory! Might lead us up to glory!

O and A and A and O, Cantemus in choro, Voice and organ, sing we so, Benedicamus Domino. Benedicamus Domino
  • Organ: Prelude on ‘Puer nobis nascitur’ – Healey Willan (1880 -1968)

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