Monday, June 24, 2013

St. Peter and St. Paul (Canada Day Weekend) - June 30 2013

Peter Dunphy, guest organist
  • Organ: Premier livre d'orgue: 6. Récit - Pierre Du Mage (1674-1751) (Peter Dunphy, organist) 
  • Opening Hymn (Darwell #365)
Thou art the Christ, O Lord, the Son of God most high!
For ever be adored that Name in earth and sky,
in which, though mortal strength may fail, the saints of God at last prevail!
O surely he was blest with blessedness unpriced,
who, taught of God, confessed the Godhead in the Christ!
For of thy Church, Lord, thou didst own thy saint a true foundation-stone.
Thrice fallen, thrice restored! The bitter lesson learned,
that heart for thee, O Lord, with triple ardor burned.
The cross he took he laid not down until he grasped the martyr's crown.
O bright triumphant faith, O courage void of fears!
O love most strong in death, O penitential tears!
By these, Lord, keep us lest we fall, and make us go where thou shalt call. 
  • Psalm 87 (said responsively) 
  • Offertory Hymn (Morning Light #461)
From all thy saints in warfare, for all thy saints at rest,
to thee, O bless-ed Jesus, all praises be addressed;
thou, Lord, didst win the battle, that they might conquerors be;
their crowns of living glory are lit with rays from thee. 
Praise for thy great apostle, the eager and the bold;
thrice falling, yet repentant, thrice charged to keep thy fold.
Lord, make thy pastors faithful to guard their flocks from ill,
and grant them dauntless courage, with humble, earnest will.
Then praise we God the Father, and praise we God the Son,
and God the Holy Spirit, eternal Three in One;
till all the ransomed number fall down before the throne,
and honor, power, and glory, ascribe to God alone.
  • The National Anthem (following announcements and before concluding hymn)
  • Concluding Hymn (Ewing #278) 
By all your saints still striving For all your saints at rest,
Your holy name, O Jesus, Forevermore be blest!
You rose, our King victorious, That they might wear the crown
And ever shine in splendor Reflected from your throne.
We praise you for St. Peter, we praise you for St. Paul.
They taught both Jew and Gentile that Christ is all in all.
To cross and sword they yielded and saw the kingdom come:
O God, your two apostles won life through martyrdom.
Then let us praise the Father And worship God the Son
And sing to God the Spirit, Eternal Three in One,
Till all the ransomed number Who stand before the throne,
Ascribe all power and glory And praise to God alone.
  • Organ: Premier livre d'orgue: 1. Plein Jeu - Pierre Du Mage (1674-1751)

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